Sunday, 23 November 2008

Xmas Windows

The visual merchandiser at Harvey Nichols said that there was only one word to describe the theme for the displays this season 'Diamonds'.  
On my recent trip to London to look at the visual window display in the major stores I saw some fabulous headdresses in Top Shop and Harvey Nichols. Jewel encrusted and fabulous eye make-up. 
Libertys as always has a sumptuous display with lots of varied products and this year including signage to tell you where to find the products. Selfridges is using the neon lights to create interest with some humorous themes with lots of repetitions. Father Christmas is in many windows - one with lots of Japanese toys.
House of Fraser has lost of moving 'toys' in the windows for the kids. John Lewis is using its TV campaign on the in the windows, which shows good integration across media.
Its so interesting how brands manage to create displays that reflect their brand image. For example Urban Outfitters is very utilitarian and Prada is full of 'bling'.
probably the most impressive was Harvey Nichols - not just the models but the technically competent product groups coupled with the external displays of Christmas decorations.

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