Wednesday, 21 November 2012

icrossing gives insights into marketing using social media

Last night the Creative Fashion Forum was invited by icrossing to an intimate workshop on social media and how best to gain attention from consumers. It was a lively evening and well supported by members such as Brighton Fashion Week, I gigi, Very Vintage Fair, MiY Workshops and Bridal ebtg.

The most significant thing that icrossing discussed was 'telling a story', which of course is the key to successful PR. Its obvious when you think about it that consumers are only interested in what's new and innovative - especially when it comes to fashion. Whats also important is connecting up all your media across both 'off and online' platforms to make the most of your exposure. As icrossing pointed out you need to really think about what you are saying, everything needs to reinforce your brand message.

Measuring your success helps to plan future campaigns, whether it be Google analytics or some other metrix, you need to test what works well for your company. Link your media to your objectives - try to analyse what works in terms of creating awareness so that you can drive consumers to your website. Keep your campaigns simple and use lots of high resolution images that really connect with people's emotions - more pictures less words. Do not forget that you also want people to ACT so creating some mechanism to stimulate purchase such as competitions or sales promotions.

Most importantly plot your customer journey - try to find out how they found out about you and help them to share their knowledge with others.

As icrossing succinctly put it - make them care!