Thursday, 30 October 2008

British Style Genius

Did you see this weeks British Style Genius? What a great programme it is. I just loved the stories about our heritage style and the photos of the queen in her wellies. We forget that so much of who we are in this country links not to the celebrity icons of today but the monarchy. Love her of hate her Lady Diana was a style icon who was always in the news and on magazine fronts - she wore the latest couture design and chose very classic brands. I always have the image of het LBD and her pearls in my mind. Of course the tartan look and the links to the royals and Vivienne Westwood are well known but this year we are all wearing those rich red tartans again. And how about multi tartan outfits? a new one for me.

The programme reminds us of the key events like world war one that have affected our styles. The integration of music and fashion is becoming more pronounced with Eric Clapton investing in a heritage brand. I never imagined him in tweeds before.

Programmes like British Style Genius help my students at Brighton University and Northbrook College understand the rich resource fashion can develop in terms of understanding the world we live in. Our identities, at least our outward manifestation of them, is often represented by the clothes we choose to wear. Our styles are affected by our environment, key events, attitudes and the media.

I cannot wait for next weeks programme.