Monday, 3 November 2008

Just heard Tom Savigar speaking to my students at Brighton University and he gave a great review of all that's current in the design world. We talked about freesumerism and how brands are giving us a taste of their products through sampling and experiential marketing events. Interesting as I have just been talking to someone about pop up retail shops.

Tom also talked about the mood of the moment and how the new serious and sober attitudes translate into functionalism and purity of line and form. If we think about marketing messages then we have to have a narrative - especially in fashion. We are back to clean designs and looking at the long-term. Those statement pieces - in fact some of the vintage purchases I have made recently fit that bill exactly.

Now we cannot think of marketing in terms of a quick fix advert we have to engage the consumer. We have to offer value - perhaps through links to third parties. Online we have 4 secs to capture people's attention  so online merchandising is now very important. Marketing online through SEO and SNM are also key to success. This means one to one marketing and understanding how to link into communities and conversations online.

A bit like this one

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